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Manual > Automatic

Can I just complain for a minute about how freaking hard it is to find cars that are a manual transmission?

I would love to see some sort of statistic on the actual number of people in the US that can and cannot drive a stick from 30 years ago to today.

I mean, do people just not want to have fun while driving? Or do they see no need to learn how to drive a standard in case of an emergency? What if your parent or significant other was dying, you had to drive them to a hospital and the only vehicle available was a manual transmission? Guess you’re fucked.

Also, let’s look at the fact that when car manufactures do make both an automatic and manual transmission in the same model, the manual is always cheaper! Plus, most manuals get better MPG if you are even somewhat competent in how to drive one.

And now most manufactures are severely limiting the number of manual transmission models they make. Which in turn is driving me insane because so many car models that I want, only come in automatics or the only manual available is at a dealership like 4+ hours away.

Screw you automatic transmission cars. I hate you and will not purchase you.

-End Rant-

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