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The Slow Death of a Car

So the Silver Surfer (aka my Focus) is slowly dying.

A month or two ago my tailpipe mountings broke. It’s currently being held on with a clothes hanger wire until Dan can weld it back on securely. I had some issues about 2 weeks ago with the engine overheating due to running the AC in stop & go city traffic. Then Monday the AC just gave up and kicked the bucket completely.

I’ve been test driving cars and narrowing down my list since early March. I think this is one of those times when being overly obsessive, very detail oriented and good with money sort of hurts me. I’m so set on getting the absolute perfect car that I am completely happy with dragging my feet until the Silver just explodes one day while I’m driving it.

However, I have narrowed my list down considerably. My forerunner choice is a Subaru, and a backup is the Mazda 3 hatchback or CX-5. The only problem with the Subaru cars that I want are that it’s next to god damn impossible to find a 2012 Impreza in a manual shift to test drive. (See more about my frustrations with Automatics vs. Manuals here.) I’m interested in the Impreza 5 door hatchback in a manual transmission or the new (and yet to be released) XV Crosstrek in a manual.

As I was driving home from work yesterday sweating my butt off since it as 95 degrees out I tried calling the dealership that was within 2 hours of me that had a Impreza hatchback in manual listed on their inventory on their website. Keep in mind, it has been listed on their website for 2-3 months since I started considering an Impreza. I spoke to someone who told me that car had been sold in March. MARCH. Then why the hell do you still have it listed on your website you jerks?! They proceeded to tell me they didn’t have any models like I wanted on the way, but they could dealer trade for one and have it there for me within 24/48 hours. The problem is I’d have to buy it. I don’t want to buy something that I haven’t taken for a test drive at least once.

So I got home and was just incredibly mad and frustrated and suffering from major car anger.

Not thinking a lot I did a Google search for any updated news about the XV Crosstrek. To my surprise there were new reviews and videos out! Apparently this weekend several car reviewers were invited to Hawaii to test drive and review the new XV. And much to my surprise some of the reviews had a price for the base model and a release month. PRICE & RELEASE MONTH. The two things I had been waiting for!

The price is actually pretty much on point with the Impreza Sport Premium I was considering and the release date for the U.S. is set in September. So if I can keep the Silver puttering along for a few more months I might be rewarded in my car search.

Coming Up: Prepare your dashes for a lot of XV Crosstrek reviews and links that I’ll be posting. Sorry not sorry.

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